The Fiberglass Gutter Company

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The Fiberglass Gutter Company is the leading manufacturer of wood replacement fiberglass gutters in the United States. We manufactures and install fiberglass gutters for use in your home whether it be new construction or a historic renovation. We have reproduced the most commonly used and aesthetically pleasing gutter and molding styles. Our gutter was developed to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to fine homes, staying true to the classic wood gutter appearance while avoiding wood gutters considerable disadvantages.

Our fiberglass gutters fully replicate the beauty of wood gutters down to every detail including the woodgrain look and texture. We are able to achieve the look of real wood gutter because our molds are made from actual Cedar and Douglas Fir wood gutters. Each forty foot section is completely encased in a UV resistant protective gelcoat shell, therefore there is no need to paint them. Our wood replacement gutter is available in your custom color or in our standard vintage white.

Our gutters have received the approval of multiple Historical Commissions and have been enthusiastically received by architectural firms and quality builders throughout New England. Installations have ranged from 200+ year-old colonials and antique reproduction capes to new oceanfront contemporaries.