How is the fiberglass gutter manufactured?
Our fiberglass gutter is handmade in Pembroke, Massachusetts. We manufacture our fiberglass gutter in an open mold which is taken directly from a piece of wood gutter. This helps to duplicate the exact look of the wood gutter, giving it a genuine wood grain look and texture. Gelcoat is then sprayed or hand painted into the mold, then we add multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and then finish the part with gelcoat. The entire process from start to finish can take up to 8 hours to manufacture depending on the profile.

What lengths can I get fiberglass gutter and is it seamless?
Fiberglass gutters are manufactured in 40 foot lengths. For lengths over 40 feet it can be seamed at the installation location to appear completely seamless. Our gutter is available for purchase in 20 foot and 40 foot lengths.

Does your company also do the installation of the product?
Yes, we are the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, retailer and an installer. We are happy to install our own product and have set price levels so we do not compete with other companies who also install our product.

How much do fiberglass gutters cost to be installed?
This is a very common question and comes with many different answers based on different factors. When looking to price gutters for your project some things to consider are: total length, elevation (1st, 2nd 3rd story), number of miters, number of outlets, staging difficulties, downspout selection, additional accessories and possible repair work related to the gutter installation. Contact us on the “Request A Free Estimate” form on this web site and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE or simply give us a call to discuss your project.

Why should I use fiberglass gutters rather than traditional wood gutters?
Wood rots! Fiberglass gutters don’t! Our fiberglass gutters are maintenance free except for cleaning out. Our gutters have 40% more capacity than similarly-sized wood gutters and don’t ever require painting or oiling.

Is there much expansion and contraction in the product?
There is very little expansion or contraction, unlike other plastics. We build these gutters just like you would build a boat. There is no room for error in the joints in either application.

Depending on the profile our gutters weigh about 1 pound per foot. This means that it is twice as heavy as aluminum and less than half of the weight of wood gutter.

What is the finish on the product?
The finish is a molded isophthalic gelcoat. This is the same product that many boat manufactures use. It can hold up to the harsh salt spray and UV environment on the water so you know it can hold up on any house.

How long has this product been used?
Fiberglass gutters have actually been in existence (mostly for commercial and industrial use) since the 1970’s. Residential fiberglass gutter applications were first seen about 15 years ago. Those gutters are still in perfect condition and the homeowners, property managers and caretakers are very happy with them.

Colors, painting?
You can paint the gutter if you would like. If you have a large order we can use custom-colored isophthalic gelcoat at the factory.

How long is the turnaround time from order to delivery?
Most orders for standard profiles in vintage white can be delivered from our inventory. Custom colors can usually be delivered in 2 to 4 weeks.

Do you recommend power tools for cutting?
You can use a standard chop saw for cutting.

No brackets, just screws for installation?
Yes. A very simple installation. Our fiberglass gutter has some flexibility as well. If you need to create a slight bow in the gutter to direct water to a downspout you can accomplish this.

Can I add a gutter guard to my fiberglass gutter?
Yes. Our profiles are compatible with many different gutter guard styles.

What about snow load?
Lets face it. We live in New England and winters can be harsh especially in terms of snowfall accumulation. Fiberglass gutters are absolutely the strongest and most secure gutter product that can be installed on your home. We test our gutter at about 300lbs and when you include our 3-1/8″ fasteners at every rafter tail there is no better option on the market.