Do not assume that all fiberglass gutter products and installers are the same. If you are seeking competitive estimates and find significant differences in the quotes, this is a “red flag”. You may not be getting estimates of equal quality products and installation services.

Simply put, think of it as buying a car with different trim levels and varying service contracts. Be sure you’re getting the options that are important to you. Your estimate should be extremely detailed. It should break down every component you’re getting right down to the fasteners.

Are the gutters gelcoated or raw fiberglass? Do they have a genuine wood grain texture or are they smooth like a fiberglass ladder? Are the joints fiberglassed with resin or with just glue? Take nothing for granted – question everything. We recommend that you ask for referrals and a list of their installations in your area so you can look at the quality of their work.

Installation services should also be broken out. They should list the amount of hours estimated for the complete job and the associated labor rate. Installers with extensive experience with fiberglass gutters are far more likely to accurately estimate the labor hours. Likewise, the labor rate may be a good indication of the installation crew’s experience. Getting the installation numbers correct may mean the difference between a veteran installation team and a rookie crew that may not last to stand behind their work.

The bottom line: Know what you’re getting and be pleased with the end product. An informed customer is our best salesperson.