Wood Replacement Gutters = Value

The Fiberglass Gutter Company proudly introduces our revolutionary fiberglass wood replacement gutter. We have reproduced the most commonly used and aesthetically pleasing wood gutter and molding styles in the traditional fine home building business. Our wood replacement gutter stays true to the classic wood gutter appearance while avoiding the considerable disadvantages of wood gutter. The Fiberglass Gutter Company manufactures and installs wood replacement fiberglass gutter for your use in historic renovations as well as in new construction. We offer four standard profiles. We can also reproduce many existing gutter profiles.

The Fiberglass Gutters Advantage:

  • Indistinguishable from wood
  • Never rot, rust, corrode, or leak
  • Wood Replacement Gutter OptNever needs oiling
  • Never needs painting
  • Holds 40% more water than similar sized wood gutters
  • Stands up to impact

High Tensile Strength
Tensile strength measures the force required to pull something to the point where it breaks. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material with high tensile strength, making it ideal for gutters. Fiberglass gutters, like fiberglass boats, are continually subjected to moisture in changing weather conditions. Our  fiberglass gutters have stood the test of time, with our earliest installations now over fifteen years old.

No Leakage – Reliability
The Fiberglass Gutter Company wood replacement gutter is a step above any other system available today. Comprised of several layers of fiberglass, the gutters are rugged and 100% leak proof.

Low Maintenance
With mandatory annual maintenance, traditional wood gutters have an additional cost which is never-ending. Our gutters simply require the clearing of debris and occasional washing.

Ease of Installation
Another top selling point for architects, builders, installers, property owners, or managers is ease of installation. The fiberglass gutters install in about one-third the time of a traditional gutter system. This ease of installation, combined with low maintenance, and the assurance that the gutter system is not a threat to one’s investment, make the fiberglass gutter ideal for any project, including projects with historic character and where details are important.

Manufactured with the mold in isophthalic gelcoat. The Fiberglass Gutter Company gutters will endure over a lifetime with no service  – without blistering or delamination – making them a simple and cost-effective solution for your investment. These gutters will be the last a property owner will ever need to install.