The Fiberglass Gutter Company is quite familiar with the Historic District Commission process and would like to share some information regarding recent approvals and some of our experiences. Our fiberglass gutters have received approvals through many HDC boards.

If you live within a historic commission please check to see if you need to go before the board and ask for it in writing. We will not install our product within a historic district without proper approval.

Before you meet with the board you should bring the following items:

  1. A sample of our product (the actual profile you are going to install)
  2. A copy of this to handout: Sales Presentation Powerpoint (PDF)
  3. A copy of this to handout: Install Instructions (PDF)
  4. Photos of the existing areas where you are installing our product. (this is especially important if the area is high visibility)
  5. Examples of previous approvals from other towns (follow the links below and print out)

Please contact us for further assistance.