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Fiberglass Gutter Estimates – “Red Flags”

Do not assume that all fiberglass gutter products and installers are the same. If you are seeking competitive estimates and find significant differences in the quotes, this is a “red flag”. You may not be getting estimates of equal quality products and installation services. Simply put, think of it as buying a car with different [...]

What Style Is Your Period Home?

Here in New England we have a healthy interest in the historic preservation of Period Homes. This has resulted in many towns creating historic districts, and commissions to oversee the preservation of buildings within the historic districts. In many cases, the historic district commissions have enacted rules about the maintenance of historic homes exterior appearance. [...]

“Apples to Oranges” – Comparing Fiberglass Gutters

Not all fiberglass gutters are created equally. There are few producers of fiberglass gutters. However, there are some significant differences in the products that are available. These differences include the appearance, features, quality, ease of installation, required maintenance, purchase price, and the total cost of ownership. Understandably, many people will simply select the lowest cost [...]

Why Do Wood Gutters Rot?

What causes your wood gutters to rot? First you need moisture. Of course gutters are supposed to get wet. Their main purpose is to carry water to a downspout and move the water away from your house. Ironically, the main reason for their existence is what helps accelerate their decay. Rotting Wood Gutter [...]

The Need for Wood Replacement Fiberglass Gutters

When wood gutters were put on homes around 100 years ago the gutters were crafted from old growth wood. If properly maintained, the wood gutters could last more than a century. Today, old growth wood is scarcely available. Wood gutters today are largely made from new growth wood and do not share the same characteristics [...]

Shipping Destinations & Installation Service Area

The Fiberglass Gutter Company ships our gutters directly to destinations in the contiguous United States and Canada. We will work with your contractor to walk them through the installation process. We offer training at our facility, at the job site (locally), and by phone. We also have our own installation crews that service the following [...]

Value Proposition – The Fiberglass Gutter Company

Wood Replacement Fiberglass Gutter Products Indistinguishable From Wood Gutter Genuine Woodgrain Look and Texture Available With or Without Integrated Bed Moulding Will Never Rot, Rust, Corrode, or Leak Has ~40% Higher Capacity than Wood Gutter Made With a UV Resistant Gelcoat Shell Available In Custom Color Gelcoat Will Never Need Painting No Maintenance Beyond Periodic [...]

Wood Gutters Without The Maintenance

Wood Gutters – Aesthetically Pleasing Wood gutters were the norm over a hundred years ago. Today, aluminum makes up some 70% of all residential gutter systems. Other choices include copper, vinyl, and galvanized steel. However, wood gutters are still available for those who want the beauty of wood and for people renovating historic homes. If [...]

Installed On Over 2000 Homes

This summer The Fiberglass Gutter Company will exceed 2000 fiberglass gutter installations. We began producing handmade wood replacement gutter in May 2012. Since then we’ve enjoyed encouraging feedback from homeowners, contractors, architects, and historic societies. We are proud of the praise we have received for our gutter’s genuine woodgrain appearance, ease of installation, and low [...]