The Fiberglass Gutter Company manufactures and installs wood-replacement fiberglass gutter for use in new construction and historic renovations. We have reproduced the most commonly used and aesthetically pleasing gutter and molding styles in the fine home building business. Our gutter stays true to the classic wood gutter appearance with genuine woodgrain texture, while avoiding wood’s considerable disadvantages.

In 2015 The Fiberglass Gutter Company produced 30% more gutter for our customers than in 2014. We now have four standard fiberglass gutter profiles and we continue to produce custom profiles and unique radius gutter. Last year we completed six new standard profile production molds to keep up with the growing demand.

Russ Allen joined the company in October to serve the needs of our customers. Russ comes to us with over 30 years of customer service experience. Please feel free to contact him with your inquiries.

In November Ed Mayo, who had been employed as our sales representative since August 2012, left the company.

We continue to manufacture our standard gutter profiles in 40 foot lengths. This reduces the number of joints required in longer runs. Our gutter system have truly seamless joints and miters that are formed on the job site with several layers of fiberglass, thus making them one piece and will never leak.

Our gutter will never need painting or maintenance other than routine cleaning. They are available in custom colors or vintage white.

Our fiberglass gutters are manufactured in Pembroke, MA and are produced with a UV resistant hard gelcoat shell. They have been hung on hundreds of high-end homes and have stood the test of time in the harsh New England weather.

We look forward to serving you in the coming year.