In March of 2014, The Fiberglass Gutter Company was hired to be included in a very exciting project for This Old House TV (Season 35: Ep. 20). They were renovating an 1872 Italianate house in Arlington, MA. Our fiberglass wood replacement gutter system was a perfect fit for this historical home. The This Old House TV crew and host Kevin O’Connor came down to our Pembroke, MA facility to see how we build our wood replacement gutters. Later we were filmed on location in Arlington with Norm Abram while doing the installation.

In scene 5 of this video you will learn that our molds are made from actual wood gutters, how we get the all important wood texture on the fiberglass gutter, how the protective gelcoat shell is formed, and how the fiberglass is hand laid. In scene 6 you’ll learn how to cut fiberglass gutter, the application of stand off blocks on the fascia boards, the installation of fiberglass gutter with structural screws, and how leak proof joints are made.