Is The Fiberglass Gutter Company busy in the winter? Does a bear hibernate in the woods?

Winter tends to drive us inside due to the cold weather. Installing fiberglass gutters when the temperature falls below freezing can become extra laborious due to difficulties in getting the resins and adhesives to cure in the cold. When the snow piles up it adds another layer of difficulty to doing the installations.

So, in the winter we turn our attention to building inventory for the coming installation season. We concentrate on building stock piles of our standard fiberglass gutter profiles.  Our G-60, G-75, G-90, and G-100 profiles with a vintage white gelcoat shell and the genuine woodgrain texture will be available from stock throughout the year.

In addition to building inventory, we work on special projects such as building new molds. We will work on custom molds that we have been contracted to make for specific unique gutter requirements. We’ll also make new molds of our standard profiles.

Making new molds periodically of our standard profiles is necessary to maintain the high standards of quality that is consistent with our reputation. This is especially true in keeping the pronounced woodgrain look and feel of our gutters that is so highly sought after. We strive to make our fiberglass gutters to be indistinguishable from wood gutters in appearance, but with all the advantages of fiberglass.

From the beginning we have recognized that our gutters are more than just a means of moving rain water away from the building. They are an important part of the appearance of your home. They are an integral part of the trim work and the homes architecture.

So, while the Patriots are busy with the Super Bowl and the Red Sox are getting ready for another championship run, we are preparing for another year of crowning New England homes with the very best gutters.