Wood Gutters optThis summer The Fiberglass Gutter Company will exceed 2000 fiberglass gutter installations. We began producing handmade wood replacement gutter in May 2012. Since then we’ve enjoyed encouraging feedback from homeowners, contractors, architects, and historic societies. We are proud of the praise we have received for our gutter’s genuine woodgrain appearance, ease of installation, and low maintenance.

We build handmade wood replacement gutters at our factory in Pembroke, MA. Our molds were developed from actual wood gutters, so they are a perfect replication in outward appearance, but have nearly double the capacity of wood. They’re fully coated in a UV protective gelcoat shell. Although paintable, our fiberglass gutter will never need to be sanded, primed, painted or oiled. Each gutter profile is available in a custom colored gelcoat.

We manufacture the gutter in 40 foot lengths. This greatly reduces the need to seam together long runs. Joints are formed on site with fiberglass, resin, and gelcoat. This method makes the gutter with the joint one piece and it has stood the test of time. We’ve experimented with glues and other ways to make the joints, but nothing else has been as effective to make the joints leak proof.

Wood replacement gutter installs easily with structural screws that penetrate the back of the gutter through the fascia and into the rafter tails. The recommended GRK stainless steel screws do not require predrilling and have a built in washer head. Each length of gutter has some flexibility that allows for the gutter to be pitched to direct the water flow to the downspout.

The standard gutter profiles come with either 4 inch or 5 inch widths. Additionally, we offer each size with an integrated bed molding thus reducing installation costs of additional trim.

The Fiberglass Gutter Company handmade wood replacement gutter has stood the test of the elements with installations on some 500 homes throughout New England. The aesthetically pleasing appearance of wood, ease of installation, and the virtually maintenance free nature of the gutter make it simply the best gutter system available.