When wood gutters were put on homes around 100 years ago the gutters were crafted from old growth wood. If properly maintained, the wood gutters could last more than a century. Today, old growth wood is scarcely available. Wood gutters today are largely made from new growth wood and do not share the same characteristics of old growth wood that allowed them to survive the elements for so many years.

Old growth wood comes from natural virgin forests with trees that were themselves over 100 years old. Most of these natural forests have been depleted, and most lumber now comes from lumber farms. Lumber farms use fast growing trees to keep pace with the demand for lumber. The lumber farms will harvest the trees in just 10 to 20 years.

Because of the faster growing of the new growth wood the growth rings are spaced further apart than old growth wood. Tightly packed growth ring means denser wood.  Below is an image of old growth wood (top) vs. new growth wood (bottom).

Denser wood means less warping, splintering, and cracking. Denser wood also is more rot resistant, less susceptible to insect infiltration and is far more durable than softer new growth wood.

We have found that today’s wood gutters made from new growth wood are often rotting in just 2 to 5 years after installation. Thus the need for wood replacement fiberglass gutters.

Wood replacement fiberglass gutters are manufactured from molds that are cast from actual wood gutters. This gives them the classic look and texture of actual wood gutters including the genuine woodgrain that is transferred to molds from the wood gutters they were made from. Wood replacement fiberglass gutters are indistinguishable from wood gutters, but without the maintenance and they will never rot.

Wood replacement fiberglass gutters are manufactured with a complete protective gelcoat shell. This protects the gutters from UV radiation and moisture and helps make them extremely durable. They will never need to be painted, but you can paint them if you choose. The protective gelcoat shell is available in any color to match your trim. Just provide us with a paint manufacturers color number or a sample and we can match it exactly.