Wood Gutters – Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood gutters were the norm over a hundred years ago. Today, aluminum makes up some 70% of all residential gutter systems. Other choices include copper, vinyl, and galvanized steel. However, wood gutters are still available for those who want the beauty of wood and for people renovating historic homes. If you’re considering installing wood gutters, there are a few things to consider.

Wood Gutters – A Labor Of Love

The key to keeping wood gutters in good condition is regular maintenance. The top two threats to wood gutters are splitting from drying out and rot from water damage. To minimize these threats there are several maintenance solutions. The first is to routinely paint the exterior of your wood gutter. It’s best not to paint the inside. Instead keep the inside of your wood gutter well oiled. Finally, periodically clean the debris out of your wood gutters. Debris traps water, which can cause the wood gutter to rot.

Wood Replacement Fiberglass Gutters – Last a Lifetime

If you’re looking for a gutter that’s going to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, wood gutters are not for you. This is why we introduced our wood replacement fiberglass gutters in 2012. Our gutters have all the appeal and old world charm as wood without wood gutter’s considerable drawbacks.

Wood Replacement Fiberglass Gutters – Maintenance Free

Wood replacement fiberglass gutters are indistinguishable in outward appearance from actual wood gutters. Wood replacement fiberglass gutters are long lasting, virtually maintenance free, will never need painting, and are much lighter weight. You can’t beat wood gutters when it comes to good looks and historical integrity. Now you can have all that without the regular maintenance issues. You won’t find a better or more beautiful gutter on the market than wood replacement fiberglass gutters from The Fiberglass Gutter Company.